Available courses

This e-learning course offeres a comprehensive and easy to follow introduction into basic wound management with a combination of theory and practice. It was developed by members of EWMA Education Committee and affiliated wound care specialists.

The course is tailored for health care professionals and medical students with no specialization in wound management.


EAFWH- Multiple-Choice-Fragen

40 Multiple-Choice-Fragen, mehrere richtige Antworten möglich.

Der EAFWH-Kurs Wundheilung nach UEMS-Curriculum wird 2019 in Zusammenarbeit mit dem ICW in Duisburg, Deutschland stattfinden. Der Kurs setzt sich aus Online-Seminaren, Eigenarbeit und Präsenzkursen zusammen.

Materials for the wound healing courses organised by EAFWH and based on the UEMS approved curriculum.